“See the Music, Hear the Art!”

Multi Media Concerts

As a musical artist, I am always looking for new ways to engage my audience. Here’s my latest --  the multi media concert!  It’s a synthesis of arts using computer technology to supplement live music. I call it, “See the Music, Hear the Art!” Taken together, the arts enhance our experience. Consider the depth of emotion that music adds to movies. 

I’ll give you just one example from each of our two current concerts. In the American program while we hear Aaron Copland’s famous, Hoedown, we are viewing paintings by Texan artist, Craig Irvin. Mr. Irvin’s whimsical and colorful cowboy scenes are the perfect counterpoint to Copland’s music! And all of this is preceded by Edgar Lee Masters’ poem, Fiddler Jones.  One selection from the Russian program features the ballet, portrayed in vivid photographs and the paintings of French pastel artist, Edgar Degas, delighting the eye, while the music of Tchaikovsky evokes the beauty and rhythm of the dance.

The audience response has been wonderful. This type of program speaks to everyone, those not familiar with classical music, as well as those who love it already.

Offering related programs for children, we tell stories, teach and entertain. The stories are sometimes classics, like The Ice Fairy, by Hans Christian Anderson, illustrated by Canadian artists Jessica and Geneva Raum, and musically represented by Igor Stravinsky’s ballet, The Fairy’s Kiss. Or the story can be new, such as, How the Young Cowboy, Chip, Accidentally Made It Big in the Classical Music Business, an original story by me, illustrated by Craig Irvin, to the music of Aaron Copland and Lukas Foss. 

In addition to our first two complete programs, “See the Music, Hear the Art!” has another in the works, entitled, French Impressionism.


Next Program,  October, 2013,

Soirée de Musique Français

The American Concert

Music by Barber, Beach, Copland, Cowell, Foss, Gardner, Gershwin, Hovannes and Still

Art by Audubon, Benton, Casatt,, Hopper, Gramdma Moses, O’Keefe, Sargent, Wood and Wyeth

Poetry by cummings, Dickenson, Frost, Hughes, Masters, Nash and Poe

The Russian Program

Music by Prokofief, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky

Art by Bellini, Calder, Chegall, Degas, Fabregé, Picasso and Seurat

Young Person’s Programs

Rudi and the Ice Fairy”

Music by Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky

Art by Jessica and Geneva Raum, Priscilla Hallberg

How Chip Made It Big in the Classical Music Business”

Music by Lukas Foss

Art by Craig Irvin

Story by Priscilla Hallberg


An Enriched Concert Environment

“See the Music,

Hear the Art”

Music by Tchaikovsky

with ballet photos

and art by Degas.

“See the Music,

Hear the Musicians!”


“Bess, You Is My Woman Now”.

“See the Music,

Hear the Children’s Story”


from Young Persons’ Concert

“How Chip Made it Big...”