Dr. Priscilla Hallberg, Violinist, Teacher

      On this website I will give you information about my several offerings in music and education from my background as a violinist and teacher. My offerings can be divided into four main areas each of which has significant original aspects.

  1. 1.  Recital Concerts. My concerts, in addition to presenting wonderful music by master composers include multi-media components to enrich the experience for the audience. “See the Music, Hear the Art!” 

  2. 2.Children’s Concerts. My Young Person’s Concerts also have multi-media -- art, music and narration to captivate and entertain.

  3. 3.  Educational Programs. I am a Lied.Arts.Teach trained presenter. For more information on this innovative and exciting new direction of using the Arts to enhance educational goals, see my “Teacher” page.

  4. 4.  Master Classes, Private Teaching and Workshop Offerings in Strings -- solo and ensemble.

     Follow the links below for more information about my offerings. I’d be so happy to hear from you and talk with you about services that suit your individual needs.

      Thanks again, I hope to hear from you.

Dr. Priscilla Hallberg

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  1. -Studied with some of this country’s best and most famous teachers

  2. -Presents uniquely innovative multi-media programs of classic works from the violin repertoire -- some of the finest music ever written


  1. -Experienced

  2. -Accredited

  3. -Multi-Disciplinary

  4. -Enthusiastic

  5. - Supportive

Dr. Hallberg’s Performance and Teaching Outlets:

“See the Music, Hear the Art!”

String Academy of the Plains

Photos and Videos Link

Piano Trios (Violin, Cello, Piano)

Ben Morris-Cline, guest artist

May 10th, 7:30 pm

Community Congregational Church, Garden City